Activities And Entertainment
(from 6:00pm)
Buskers On The road
Street artists, dancers floating on air, players able to make you dream will be performing throughout the festival.
(through the street)
Luna Park For Kids
FREE ENTRANCE for your children
Music, Pizza And More
@ Big Ben Pizzeria
DJ set and music until late night
Swing Corner
by Dance & Dance / Swing’s Angels
The marvellous red themed 50s and 60s dances await you!
Dance Passion
@ Le Gallerie Business Centre
Kids Show from 6.00 PM by Danzaland; 10.00 PM dances and music by Modena Balla
@ BeerStop Pub
Mammi boy and his sound machine live!
Rosso Riciclo
@ Piazza Libertà
creative lab for children, by the “Officina Parsimonia” project
Libri Sul Comò
@ Via Garibaldi
Poetry reading with acoustic guitar music live - from 7.30 PM to 10.30 PM
Roller Show
@ Chalet del Parco, Parco Due
Live Rock Music