Notte Rossa
The Red Night event will welcome you in 2022
The Notte Rossa Event:
live the emotion of the Red Night
Maranello Notte Rossa (Red Night) is the extraordinary event held by the Municipality of Maranello in collaboration with the "Maranello Land of the Legend" Consortium, together with the Ferrari Museum,Scuderia Ferrari Club and Ferrari Club Italia, to celebrate the "Red Passion”!
Be part of the celebrations, together with thousands of other people! The "Notte Rossa is held every June in Maranello on a single and unique magical Saturday evening. Be prepared to enjoy things like awesome Ferrari cars, different shows, music and entertainment to celebrate the Ferrari Legend and the soul of its community.
Due to the Covid19 worldwide Emergency the 2020 edition of the Notte Rossa will not be taking place.
Our main concern is the safety of our guests and visitors, and we are already working on the next edition that will be held in 2021.
Maranello, together with thousands of other locations in the vast Italian territory will be open soon to visitors and friends from all over the world. We are all working hard to make your visit here safe and unforgettable.